Meet the client

Thousands of Africans can access trend-setting brands and the most up-to-date products from stores around the globe thanks to Bay-One’s fabulous online store.


Come up with a creative campaign that will generate brand awareness and social media interaction the likes of which to get emotional about.



Emojis were taking over the world and we had to do something about it. How better to do so than to have Bay-One’s audience choose the “face” of their company.

Our very skilled graphics department came up with a concept of 5 different emojis from which the audience had to choose.

We had some fun with the chosen emoji to get the audience to interact with the brand. Our core objectives here were easy:

  • Database Growth
  • Social Media Growth
  • Generating interaction
  • Brand exposure


Not only does Bay-One have an uber cool emoji for their brand, interest sparked the instant the campaign went live and we’ve received 138 entries within the first week alone. Ads reached 16 747 people and generated 534 link clicks at a cost per click result of R0.41.

Now that’s something to get emojional about.


Greyhound Edgars