Radio/TV/OOH Advertising

What Is Radio Advertising?

Some businesses pay for ads that air during your favourite show on TV, while some advertisers choose to spend their marketing money on radio advertising. In radio advertising, advertisers pay radio stations to broadcast their ads to their listeners, promoting their brand, products, and services.

What is Television Advertising?

As with radio advertising, television advertising delivers a specific sales message in a limited amount of time. Although television advertising remains one of the most successful methods to raise brand awareness, ad spending is shifting to the digital world, and media corporations are scrambling to find answers.

What is Out Of Home Advertising (OOH)?

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is advertising that is shown outside of a customer’s house. Billboard advertising, bus stops, benches, and everything in between are all examples of this. If you encounter an advertisement outside of your home (and it’s not on your phone), it’s most likely an OOH ad.

We all spend time outside, and with the rise of digital advertising, getting your message heard can be difficult. This is addressed by OOH, which is now merging with digital innovations to become a powerful tool for advertising and marketing.

Why Should You Use Radio Advertising For Your Business?

Radio is one of the most adaptive technologies on the market, filling a major gap for offline users.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Radio is local
  • Unlike satellite broadcasting, television, or other types of streaming, radio is made and consumed locally, with local news and local ads.
  • Radio is effective
  • Radio advertising can have a lot of impact on your marketing budget.
  • Radio is the original mobile medium.
  • Radio can be listened to in a car, at home, at work, and on a variety of platforms and devices.

Build your brand with radio advertising

When it comes to establishing a brand, radio is a good strategy. Repetition is the key to brand exposure, and because radio is so inexpensive, you can run your advertising several times without breaking the bank.

Why Should You Advertise On TV For Your Business?

Businesses benefit greatly from TV advertising. People trust TV, it provides scale and reaches, and it can drive market share. It also allows you to purchase the exact number of views or ratings you want. You buy a specified number of your target audience, and that is what the station or network has to provide you.

The Importance of Outdoor Advertising for Brands

With out-of-home advertising, businesses have the opportunity to reach large groups of people while delivering effective messages and engaging graphics. The advantage of an outdoor marketing campaign is that it allows a company to reach its customers wherever they are.

How We Can Help You Stand Out

Step up your game into a world of infinite potential and make your brand memorable across the board. We believe your brand deserves the opportunity to go international, and we’re your ticket to the top. With radio, TV and OOH advertising from ATKASA, you can live your brand inside and out.

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Online marketing is NO silver bullet

So, you set up every social media platform known to mankind with that idea of selling your service or product the next day. STOP! You are doing it all wrong. In order avoid disappointment three weeks later, we want to tell you up front that although social media and as a whole, online marketing, does more often than not drive big sales…

Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

In a world where everything is done online, it may seem like digital media is replacing the basic traditional way of advertising. The marketing landscape has grown to be vast and businesses have endless options; which means the way we consume the media has drastically changed. Thus it is important that businesses revolve and adapt to the same frequency.

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