Radio/TV/OOH advertising

Radio/TV/OOH Advertising

ATKASA offers a range of professional services for traditional advertising, tried and tested ways of reaching the highest volume of people in your target audience.

These services focus on mass media channels through radio advertising, television ads, as well as out of home advertising such as billboards.

Reach more perspectives at less of a cost through channels that offer maximum reach, allowing you to draw clients and leads, to grow your market share significantly.

Radio & TV Advertising

Radio and TV advertising gives you the opportunity to reach a mass audience. Both offer exceptionally short lead times and impressive value for money.

This is mostly due to the power of reach, both radio and television gets you more impressions than just about any other medium, which translates to much higher returns on investment.

This makes radio and TV advertising ideal for brand building, as well as marketing for seasonal promotions.

Out of Home Advertising

Out of home advertising largely depends on print media, and includes billboards, ads on bus stops, telephone poll ads, and the like.

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Online marketing is NO silver bullet

“So, you’ve set up every social media platform known to mankind with that idea of selling your service or product the next day. STOP! You are doing it all wrong…”

Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

“In a world where everything is done online, it may seem like digital media is replacing the basic traditional way of advertising…”

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