Social media Pros and Cons

Social media is equally bad as much as it is good. The responsibility of how we navigate around these online communities falls on us. Before we dive deep into the topic at hand let us list the pros and cons of social media.

Corporate Social Media Pros:

⦁    Very informative

⦁    Great marketing tool

⦁    Easy to use

⦁    Encourages conversations around social issues

⦁    Boosts confidence

Corporate Social Media Cons:

⦁    Cyber Bullying

⦁    Easily believable (even the lies)

⦁    Deceitful

⦁    Can also deteriorate one’s confidence

⦁    Encourages laziness

Employees might argue that corporates are controlling them on their personal pages and that it has nothing to do with the company they work for but in all honesty companies are just looking out for their reputation. Although our country does not have solid social media laws in place, the traditional media laws are applicable in online cases and this is why you have to have good social media policies instilled in the workplace.

When drafting the policy, it must consist of high intolerance on:

⦁    Hate Speech – can be defined as any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which may incite violence or prejudicial action against a protected individual or group, or disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group.

⦁    Defamation of character – can be defined as the wrongful, intentional publication of words or behavior in relation to another person that has the effect of injuring their status, good name or reputation.

⦁    Bullying and harassment- also referred to as “cyber bullying”, is the term used to describe the use of the internet to harass, threaten, or maliciously embarrass.

⦁ Disclosure of private information- the illegal sharing of the company or colleague’s private information.

Prejudice against marginalized groups of people should not be tolerated. If a business lets their employers share haphazardly about this it means they also share the same sentiments. Rather than dealing with a huge PR mess, social media training and a proper understanding of policies is what companies should invest in.

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