Search engine optimization has changed drastically over the recent years. It is important that content writers and marketers keep up with said changes. Search engines have become much smarter and writers have less control over their page ranking. To avoid falling behind, here follows SEO trends to look out for this coming year. Go big or go home In previous years, Google was satisfied with a 300 to 500-word article. Today, however, Google wants its users to gain more value from an article, thus favouring articles with a longer word count. When writing an article, think more along the lines of 1 500 words. It is a massive leap but ultimately your website will gain more points with Google. Optimize with mobile users in mind It is no surprise that with the booming success of Apple an Android, more and more people turn to their phones for information. It is therefore vital that SEOs write their articles in a way that is easy to read. This entails, using bullet points and sub headings with longer articles. Speed is key. If your page takes a second longer to load than usual, you risk losing potential readers. Are keywords still important? The answer to this question has become more confusing by the day. The fact is, you don’t necessarily have to add a keyword in your title or sub headings anymore as Google have become much smarter in picking up what your content is all about. This does not mean you can chuck keywords forever, they are still important for overall website optimization. Focus on answering a question With the increase in voice searching, content marketers have to write their articles in such a way as to answer a question. Let me explain, if a person is using voice search to Google something, they are more likely to ask a question like, “Where can I find a good mechanic in Johannesburg?” instead of saying keywords, “mechanic, Johannesburg.” It is therefore important to think of the types of questions a person might ask in your industry and write an article to answer these questions. Be direct and make the answer visible from the get go. Articles are more conversational in tone. In some ways, the job of the search engine optimizer is becoming easier. Use original pictures where possible The internet is a large place with many articles and images of the same kind. In 2016, you have to stand out from the other pages. People are visual and they like interesting images. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using stock images. However, to make your page stand out from the rest, creating original pictures and including them in the article will draw more attention. With ATKA SA, your business will never fall behind online. We take care in researching and jumping on the latest trends and changes in content and social media marketing. If you want to move ahead with us, contact us at for more information.