The year before Mark Zuckerburg and his partners founded the social media giant that is now used by over 900 million people around the world, LinkedIn became the brainchild of some of the most established businessmen of the time. In 2003, Reid Hoffman and various other PayPal executives founded what would become the most prominent business-based social networking site, LinkedIn, which bases its operation on a simple idea: “Relationships matter”.


For professionals, networking is one of the most important tools for success. Not only does networking allow you to build up a solid list of contacts and acquaintances, but it lets you showcase your interpersonal and people skills. LinkedIn takes this one step further. Professionals and business-minded individuals can utilize the sites services to showcase their talents via page creation, uploading a CV to be used by businesses looking to utilize their skills, and by building up solid networks of contacts, can show their influence and trustworthiness to potential clients, business partners and employers.


LinkedIn is much better suited for social marketing and promotions than Facebook or Twitter, as the targets that you will be able to reach are regulated by you and your contacts. This means that there is no possibility of personal accounts being added into the mix. The LinkedIn service is aimed at a mature, business-minded audience that is serious about social networking, online marketing and the development of professional relationships.


While LinkedIn is not as widely used as other networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the business-based focus gives an upper hand to all users dedicated to making their relationships work, without the clutter that comes with using open-ended social networks. So the answer to the question that has been asked by many individuals: “Should I use LinkedIn as part of my social marketing strategy?”, is simply, yes.


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