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Social Media Marketing

ATKASA is a leading provider of professional social media marketing services that meet your target audience where they spend most of their free time.

Platforms like Facebook (Meta), Instagram,  and LinkedIn provide powerful opportunities to get your brand in front of ideal customers, helping to foster its growth and popularity, at less of a cost to you.

Social media marketing campaigns are excellent for creating engaging content that keeps your audience captivated, promotes your brand, and gets your audience talking about you; all while staying in control of your returns on investment.

How does Social Media Marketing Benefit my Brand?

There are numerous benefits to be gleaned from advertising on social media platforms, so much so that it is widely considered a critical part of any brand’s marketing:

The informal and creative nature of social media marketing makes it easier to communicate your brand’s personality, voice, and story. This helps build a personal connection between your brand and its audience.

Social media platforms give you unprecedented control over your budget, how you spend that money, and what you expect in return from it. Platforms like Facebook are ideal for growsing small brands with small budgets.

Get insights into what your competitors are doing on social media with in-depth analytics that show what they are doing, who they are targeting, how their media is being engaged with, and how you can fill the gaps they’ve missed.

Customize your audience to ensure that nothing is wasted on the wrong people. With custom audiences, you can specify demographics, income, and interests in what you have to offer, before targeting ads to those people in particular.

Social media creates the perfect two-way bridge for communication between your brand and its audience. This builds trust and authority, while also turning them into potential brand ambassadors.

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#Social Starter

  • Basic Account Management
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 12 Posts per month across
    the 2 platforms
  • Basic Community Management
  • Basic Monthly Reporting
  • More…

#Social Beginner

  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Content Planning
  • Business Social Media Setup: 2 x Social Profiles
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Daily Social Media Management: 12 Posts PM PP
  • More…

#Social Plus

  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Social Media Content Planning
  • Business Social Media Setup:
  • Daily Social Media Management: 18 x Posts PM per Platform
  • More…
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