South Africa Social Media continues to grow, and as a local business owner in South Africa you can take great opportunities for your business. Using Social Media Marketing is a key business strategy right now and especially for small local businesses. You may or may not be thinking about it right now, but there are some very powerful benefits you can take advantage of if you do get involved. Read on to discover more… One very important way in which social media can help your business is when you use it as a 2-way communication tool. Use it to listen and learn as well as speak. In fact it is much better to listen first and get a feel for whats going on. See how social media is being used in your ‘space’ before you actively engage and do anything. A key point is to not dive in and try to sell anything without building relationships first – it really doesn’t work. And you can do yourself more harm than good by doing that. Your customers and prospects, suppliers, and competitors are all networked together in many ways thesedays and these networks are growing rapidly in size and importance. Discover where these networks are, and get connected. You can quickly increase your reach to a far wider pool of prospects, as your customers and suppliers and competitiors networks grow, your opportunities to grow also increases. You can use social media marketing in South Africa to build ‘buzz’ about upcoming products launches, sales, new opportunities and so on. Get prospects interested. Not only that, a key aspect from a customer service and quality assurance point of view, is that you can listen to the conversations about your business or brand. This will help you to understand crucial customer perceptions. Help you make changes, help you develop and grow, help you avoid potential problems. But Beware! As fast as interesting content and great products and services will spread quickly, you can guarantee that bad experiences and feedback will spread even faster. By monitoring your social media channels, you can highlight adverse customer reactions and feedback. You can react in a fast and positive manner. Another aspect of connecting with social media is through mobile marketing in South Africa and taking advantage of the growing use of mobile phones with internet access. Connecting and following up with prospects via text messages – SMS Marketing – is very powerful and effective. These networks are growing rapidly and you can either join in and take advantage or get left behind – its that simple! So connect with South Africa social media networks and consider the benefits of mobile marketing in South Africa. Two essential strategies for your small business marketing success and survival. Think it sounds hard? Think its not for you? Don’t Know Where To Start Why not find out more – see how easy we make it for you? Visit and sign up for our free information pack including a free social media marketing strategy session. Get Started Now!