Web hosting has evolved over the years – no longer do we use the internet purely for research purposes, but we now do our online shopping and banking through the various website services offered by brands such as Spree and ABSA. Many website hosting services such as Wix and WordPress offer free website creation and hosting services for start-up businesses that do not have the capital to host large websites such as the Dischem and Woolworth sites. Bigger websites have more to offer and allow their users to conduct various services like filling out online forms, whereas smaller sites only offer the basics like providing information about their services. The difference between using a digital agency to host your website and doing it yourself is monumental. Your brand needs a professional website developer who knows how to manipulate your site to appear alluring to your client base. So, what is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service brands use to ensure that their websites appear both on the internet and in Google searches. According to industry experts*, a web host provider, is an organisation such as ATKASA which offers the necessary technologies and support which are needed to develop, design and maintain a website. Some providers also offer additional services such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which involves increasing the visibility of websites through modifying website content to achieve higher rankings in search engines. Amongst the hosting and SEM services we offer, we also include website building, audits, coding, and design. At ATKASA, we drive website development trends which ensure that your website will live beyond the “now” rather than simply fitting in. The experience we have garnered in this respect set us apart from the rest – as our slogan suggests, we are the heartbeat of your brand. With the above said, we will go onto explain the different types of hosting as well as the benefits thereof.

According to our inhouse SEO and SEM specialist Louis van den Berg, there are four types of hosting: Shared, Cloud, Dedicated and VPS hosting. Shared hosting is a server which allows site owners to share their server resources with many other sites. This is the most cost-effective form and also the easiest to use. Cloud hosting uses virtual hardware which allows your website to grow its own pace – meaning you pay for what you need. Dedicated hosting is the most versatile as it gives owners complete control over the site. You enjoy the benefits of enjoying your own server, which make it costly to run. Finally, Virtual private server (VPS) is similar to the dedicated host but works on a shared server.

The benefits that come with our web hosting services include: our dedicated customer support allows us to attend to any issues your website may experience to ensure that your site remains operational 24/7. Our regular data recovery backups ensure that your data remains secure and is not lost regardless of any changes which are made to the website. Trusting us with your web hosting allows you to spend more time on growing your organisation, which will, in turn, increase the number of website visitors you get due to the outstanding growth of your business.

Websites are the first point of interaction your potential clients are likely to have with your brand. Give us a call on 011 024 3847 or send us an email at and we will guide you through our web services to grow your brand.