Understand Your Target Market with Social Media Marketing

Modern business needs an edge, something that allows you to respond directly to client requests and concerns.  

Understand Your Target Market with Social Media Marketing

Modern business needs an edge, something that allows you to respond directly to client requests and concerns.

It requires an approach to business and marketing that takes into account a full understanding of who your target market is, how they feel about your brand, and how they use your products or services.

While there are plenty of ways to study your target market and get to know what makes them tick, for the vast majority of businesses, surveys and comprehensive market research is something out of reach, expensive, and time consuming to conduct.

But that doesn’t mean you should fire from the hip and hope for the best, not when market research can be easily integrated into your existing social media marketing efforts.

Now more than ever, businesses and marketers have access to digital streams of usable information about customer sentiments and behaviours, so using these platforms for your own market research is not only practical, it is highly beneficial and effective.

How Social Media can be the Perfect Research Tool

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have given us the perfect set of tools for listening in on clients when they proudly or angrily express their sentiments of brands, products, services, and people.

Customers, by and large, are a vocal lot who want to share their experiences, and if the brands they are talking about should pick up on what they’re saying, all the better.

By gathering historical and real time data on what they are saying, your business can take the right actions to improve itself, its products, and its services.

Social media market research costs virtually nothing unless you use tools to do it automatically, and even then it is still cheaper than surveys and focus groups.

It takes very little time and effort as well, although should be done fairly frequently to keep your pulse on the sentiments behind your brand.

It is also a source of seemingly limitless data, with over 4 billion social users posting frequently about various experiences, trends, and sentiments each day.

While the above mentioned advantages are all fine and well, what kind of usable information can you glean from integrating market research into your approach to social media marketing?

How are Your Customers Engaging with Products or Services?

People have a strong tendency to report back to their communities on brands, products, and services that have had an impact on their lives, but have a particular knack for speaking about the unique ways in which they use them.

From life hacks and using products in unexpected ways to product features that clients feel go overlooked, there is a myriad of information to be gleaned about how your customers use your products.

More often than not, they will directly tag a brand when speaking about them in this way, which makes your mention all the easier to find.

Try simply searching for your brand on various social media platforms to find out what people are saying, and how they use your product or service to add value to their lives.


What can this information do for you?

Simply put, it gives you an idea of the type of value it adds to your market’s lives, and the results may surprise you.

You can then use this information to focus on this value, either in product reiterations or through marketing campaigns that praise them.

They Love You/ They Love You Not

‘Audience sentiments’ is a bit of a buzz-phrase, a fancy way of saying ‘how your audience feels about your brand’, and for most businesses a quick search on social media will give you a healthy if not hard to swallow mix of positive and negative feedback.

Finding out what consumers like about your brand, product or service will allow you to focus your efforts on providing more of it, bringing things back ‘by popular demand’, or doubling down on marketing towards those favourable traits.

On the negative side, the kind of feedback you don’t want to hear can give you an ability to address blind-spots in your offerings and improve on them to get an edge over your competition.
It can be difficult sifting through complaints that are few and far between, or those that present very real opportunities for positive change, and reading through all of them can be a little difficult to stomach.

But, if you keep a level head and try not to take things personally (because the internet can be an overwhelmingly angry and illogical community) you can find ways of improving which directly address customer concerns.

What They Would Like You to Change

A good product or service is dependable, a great one is constantly evolving. But evolution without any direction is pointless, in fact it can amount to wasted efforts, time, and resources. It could even skew an already positive opinion of your offers.

Understanding what your customers really want from your product or service and acting on that is a much better approach, so much so that millions are spent on trying to find out how improvements in a business can be made.

One of the things that customers love doing on social media is expressing what they feel can make a great product or service better, making social media one of the best places to get valuable customer feedback.

Statements like “I wish my content calendar editorial tool would bring back the navigation arrow,” or “Why doesn’t Checkers offer a bottle recycling service?” are the exact sorts of statements that can be used to change your offerings to give consumers exactly what they want.

When clients speak about future expectations for your offerings, it is worth listening, because if one person is speaking about it (and there will almost certainly be more than just one), there are scores of others quietly thinking about it.

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Incorporating market research into your social media marketing efforts can give you invaluable insights and allow you to transform or focus your business in a positive direction, and the more comprehensive your social endeavours are, the easier it will be.

If you would like to know more about marketing your business on various social platforms, be sure to get in touch with a representative from ATKASA today.