The-ATKA-SA-Market-Me-360-System   The ATKA SA Market Me 360 System Do you have a small business and searching to get started with social media marketing and online marketing but don’t know how and where to start or don’t have enough resources to pay for an agency to handle this for you? Look no more, The ATKA SA Market Me 360 System is particularly made for small companies in order that they could spend the time needed in what is really significant and that is working and operating the business. Who Could Benefits From This Product?

  • The ATKA SA Market Me 360 system is beneficial to small and medium size businesses that likes to promote themselves efficiently online and on digital space.
  • This is also ideal for those who want the professional system and professional assistance, however doesn’t have enough resources to pay for a company.
  • This is also ideal for those who like single system which can do the whole thing for them.

The ATKA SA Market Me 360 system is an invention specifically made for any sized business to efficiently handle and track their cross channel marketing techniques and campaigns.  This method allows business owners to make use of the newest and most included system on hand on the market and above all you get fast access to the expert consulting from ATKA SA consultant and support structures to make sure you can always market your business fast and efficiently. What to Expect from ATKA SA MARKET ME SYSTEM? A comprehensive, simple to utilize the internet platform to handle all your online marketing and social media marketing requirements which take account of email campaigns, Text campaigns as well as database management. With this product you will get comprehensive internet brand monitoring as well as reporting for the business

  • You will get an exclusive made ATKA SA Marketing workspace wherein you could plan all your marketing campaigns, track the results and manage the content. You will also get on-going assistance from the professional staff of ATKA SA, campaigns and so much more.
  • You also receive a two hours per month virtual consulting with the professional cross channel marketing consultant to help you in preparing your marketing campaigns and making sure you get the best of your advertising budget.
  • Devoted ATKA SA managers and supervisors to always help as well as build connections and relationships.
  • You will have an access to extra services with just one click of the mouse which include website development, graphic designs, ad campaigns, video editing and many more.
  • A product and system like this will normally go for anything from R10, 000 to R35 000 pm.

All in all, The ATKA SA Market Me 360 system has many functions that other social posting schedule and monitoring systems don’t have the many functions that Market Me 360 has. So, if you want to become successful in your online marketing or social media marketing campaign, you must really consider this system, particularly those who are running a small or medium sized business. Try this product and you will be on your way of becoming a successful online marketer.