The biggest marketing trends for 2015, so far. In the past few years, the internet has changed the way businesses engage with their target markets. With an ever-increasing world of social media platforms and other online tools, businesses have more power to their disposal than ever before. This year alone, numerous marketing trends have been employed to bridge the gap between business and consumer. Here are the biggest marketing trends of 2015, so far … Video Marketing This is probably one of the most exciting online marketing trends this year. Companies have started turning to YouTube to get their message out, and for good reasons. Video marketing allows businesses to cram a lot of information into a small time frame. It is no secret that – unless your topic is ultra relevant or interesting – large bulks of text fails to attract an optimum number of potential clients. With a video however, businesses can take control over how large quantities of information is both relayed to, and perceived by the viewer. Video material is also much more popular than traditional informational mediums due to the minimum amount of effort involved in watching it. YouTube has around 4 billion views every day, ranking it at number two on the list of most popular search engines; right after its owner, Google. What’s more is that videos can be optimised for search engines. For more on search engine optimisation (SEO), employ the help of marketing agencies such as ATKA SA. Instagram for business A social media marketing tool used widely among businesses this year is Instagram. Nothing shows your business’ personality quite like this social media gem. With Instagram, business owners can post visual content related to their trade. Imagine behind-the-scenes photographs of a marketing agency’s latest video shoot, or a snapshot of fresh dough at a cookie factory. A large benefit to Instagram is the increased level of exposure your content enjoys compared to Facebook and Twitter. While the latter might “clean up” users’ social feeds by use of strict algorithms, Instagram offers a higher level of engagement. Probably one of the best examples of effective Instagram marketing campaigns is Starbucks’ 2014 #WhiteCupContest. During this campaign, Starbucks customers were invited to design their own cups and submit the results to Instagram. The winning design was then distributed as a limited edition reusable cup that was sold at Starbucks outlets. This drove both business and brand engagement and loyalty. Personalised marketing Last but not least of the marketing trends in 2015, is personalisation. We all enjoy being welcomed by name when signing into our favourite news site. What a good feeling, right? In fact, we enjoy this feeling so much that we will remain loyal to businesses that personalise their contact with us. Whether sending out personalised emails or SMSs, businesses that make use of this marketing technique can enjoy both brand loyalty and customer retention. These are just some of the trends that spread like wildfire in 2015. ATKA SA offers valuable assistance with these services. So, if you are unsure of how to get started, be sure to get in touch.