Cross channel marketing is closely linked to the digital world and is the one form of marketing that seamlessly moves with time. This is why businesses of this era should consider it if they are looking for ways to get their brand out there. At the wildfire speed things on social media starts buzzing and trending, using social media as a marketing tool might be the fastest way to get your businesses name out there and connect with clients. The key differences between cross channel marketing and traditional marketing methods Multi channel marketing is a more traditional form of advertising where businesses have a presence on more than one platform. Example, they advertise their products on a website, in person and with a catalogue. This form of marketing tends to stick to more direct and older methods of advertising, although still successful, such as direct mail letters and television ads etc. Cross channel marketers make seamless use of multiple channels to market, sell and interact with customers. They use everything at hand in order to get your business’ name and brand known amongst an audience. When one thing fails, they tend to hop onto another and another platform until they find something that works. For example, if people look at your Facebook ad but does not buy anything, then advertisers will use another platform, LinkedIn for instance, to search for a new market that might respond well to your products. This is why cross channel marketing is an ever evolving thing, able to adapt and change to suit every situation in order to gain optimal results. So, in a nutshell, cross channel marketing is multi channel marketing on steroids. Benefits of having a cross channel marketing strategy It is a diverse and adaptable form of marketing There’s usually no limits to cross channel marketers and they continue to search for new ways to advertise your brand on a daily basis. The online world is ever changing, where Facebook is the leading social platform today, another new social media platform might come along tomorrow and take the lead. Your business never gets left behind since they are always riding the wave and latching onto the next best thing online. Raising brand awareness and sales If the cross channel marketing strategy is well implemented, the benefits are legion. It builds brand loyalty and increases sales. Each campaign is tailor fitted to your target market’s preference, be it personal real life marketing or online social media marketing. Either way you are reaching your target audience and might end up attracting a whole new kind of audience you didn’t know existed. It has also become so convenient to connect with your audience on a more personal level via social media platforms. Answer personal inboxes, like comments and listen to their stories, then you will ensure brand awareness and an increase in sales. Extended reach Connecting with your audience online is so much easier than doing so in person might be. Businesses can connect with their target audience anywhere anytime with the minimum of cost and fuss. Think about it, most social media platforms allows you to create a profile for free. Different online platforms attract different audiences, for example LinkedIn attracts more professional people of a higher age than, say, Twitter might. These platforms each also has its own function which allows you to attract new audiences and extend your reach across various platforms. Better Targeting Cross channel marketing’s best friend is analytics. It is easy for marketers to analyse every detail of their campaign to see what works and what doesn’t, which is kind of the whole point of marketing. People can monitor customers’ behaviour and how they react towards your content. Take social media posts, for example. You have to see which posts get the most likes and comments in order to know what the audience of that platform relates to. Once marketers hold this golden information in their hands, they can design a campaign that will get businesses optimal results. We are one of the few cross channel marketing agencies in South Africa that manage to integrate all platforms of advertising into one smooth campaign bringing in the results. Click here to see all the services we offer.