Digital Marketing in South Africa

Te future of digital marketing

The digital marketing landscape in South Africa can be quite demanding to marketers for numerous factors. Despite the fact that there are many trials, the digital marketing sector, from website development to social marketing, has remained broadly untouched.

Digital marketing in South Africa has increased at a rate of 35%[1]. There are certain trends that will increase in popularity which will have to be taken into account. That’s why the growth of digital advertising in South Africa exceeds the global growth, this is, 35% percent and 10% percent SARS respectively.

In a study that was conducted by Adobe, it indicated that at least 59% of customers in South Africa[2] take greater interest in classified ads in digital media than TV classified ads and radio commercials.

Social media advertising

According to Digital Statistics in South Africa 2017, social media is used by 40% of the country’s population (15 million) through mobile phones[3], and active internet users are +- 26.8 million. In five to ten years this number could be doubled.

The upside of this is you can use consumer data to predict their buying behaviour, this is called micro-targeted advertisement. This saves money because marketers are not throwing advertisements out hoping for consumers to take action.

Website development/aesthetic

There are a lot of factors that contribute to decision making when it comes to buying or using a certain service. Your website is one of the first points of interaction your consumers will come across, you want to impress them.

Technology is evolving and consumers expect to sail smoothly through your website with no glitches. Developing websites which are not user friendly can lose you customers and cost you money. Get feedback from potential consumers and improve your website’s functionality and aesthetic.


Google introduced algorithms that sift out websites that use keyword stuffing to rank higher on search engines.

Good quality and well-written content is the future. Unnecessarily lengthy content will cost you time and eventually money. People want content they can understand in the first 10-20 seconds of their search in order for them to tell if it is worth reading.

Email marketing

Filling your consumer’s email with lots of mail is something marketers should refrain from (unless you like being spammed). Instead, try personalising your emails. Seeing their names on the newsletter will give a sense of importance and intimacy to the consumer. For them its an experience more than it is just an email.

Campaigns that leave a footprint

South Africa is ranked number 14 in the world for our advertising industry. Whether it’s a series of social media posts advertising a product or a video campaign for a service, the industry is very competitive and consumers love great content.

The marketing team at Nandos (check out their latest ad here) understand this very well. Marketers should thrive to evoke emotions, whether it’s happiness or sympathy, content that consumers can relate with will do wonders for your business.

Businesses should invest in their digital marketing and website development today to have fruitful results tomorrow.

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