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Brands coming together to work on a campaign has been a strategy used widely throughout all industries. The main purpose of this concept is to garner more profit while simultaneously creating awareness for both brands; It’s a very beneficial PR strategy.

An example of a good brand collaboration is between one of South Africa’s biggest telecommunications company Cell C and global media personality and activist Bonang Matheba. However, it is not all brands that can be compatible with each other, here are some tips to make sure your business collaborates with the right brand and executes the perfect campaign:

  • Self-Analysis

As a brand you need to identify how this collaboration will benefit you, what is your expected outcome? Is your social media following stationery or decreasing? Are people starting to forget about your brand? These questions will make it clear what you want to reap off of a campaign.

  • Distinguish The Other Brand

Identify a brand that carries the same vision and values as yours. It is very common to see two brands collaborating on a campaign but not being able to make sense of what the end goal is. To avoid such, make sure the partner you are going for understands your business and you also understand theirs.

  • Be Creative

It should be timeless because it’s a “never been done before” collaboration. Both the brand’s distinctive characteristics must be visible and not outshine each other.

  • Social Media

You will be amazed by how much it can do for a campaign. Instagram is very good for visuals, it will be beneficial to post pictures and the behind-the-scenes on Instagram stories. Twitter is good at igniting a conversation, create a hashtag that will be used throughout all platforms. You may also use Facebook for advertising, make sure to include a link that leads up to a website to give the audience more information.


Of course, when all is said and done you need to see results, but what exactly are the benefits of brand collaborations?

  • Huge Target Reach

With both brands bringing in their loyal consumers, both brands get to market for a different and new consumer base, which if done right, can result in both brands gaining new consumers. This allows each natural customer base to be attracted to what the other company has to offer.

  • Inexpensive

While brands share the costs during the course of the campaign, they will both get two times the results with half the money spent.

  • Improves Reputation

Whether one brand or the other was starting to be forgetful or deteriorating slowly, a collaboration gives a fresh and new perspective to both brands.

  • It Requires Innovation

Your staff will learn about the other brand’s creative process and culture, this can be used even after the collaboration (give and take); plus it saves on manpower and reduces costs of outsourcing. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

With the above information, your brand collaboration can never go wrong!