Logo design in grid view

More so than ever, brands form an integral part of our lives as we make use of the goods and services that they offer. Products such Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Google and Nestle are all products we are familiar with given that they are all inherently interwoven into our daily lives, making it easier for us to function in this fast-paced environment.

The foundation of a Great Logo

In our experience organisations often seek out logo design services. Businesses are very aware that in order to increase their brand visibility, their logos need to meet, if not exceed, given design norms and standards. This experience is underpinned by [1]designhill: “The design of a business logo carries enough weight to distinguish an organisation from the rest of its competitors. Given the importance of logos within our current lexicon, these remain a salient feature for every brand as they act as your company’s emblem, which potential clients use to familiarise themselves with your brand and the services you offer. Many of the most successful logos have deep embedded components in them, which are created with the intention of engraving your brand, and what it stands for in the sub-conscious of the target audience, to ensure that your brand remains top-of-mind.”

In order to create a logo which incorporates the product or services your brand offers, we examine what makes logo design effective:

Quite obviously, the range of colours that a brand uses for their logo can influence buyer attitudes. Brands like Shell and Hertz that use bright colours such as red and yellow provoke emotions within their customers which encourage buyers to act fast as they demand their immediate attention. Dark colours such as navy blue used by brands like Standard Bank and Oral B generate feelings such as calmness and trust, and they also tend to be preferred by men. The selection of your logo colour must depend on the feelings you wish to evoke in your potential clients and the message you wish convey.

As previously mentioned, a logo represents the business itself, a sub-standard design could leave customers with the impression that the business is unprofessional or delivers subpar work, especially if the logo is not well designed. As a leading design agency, ATKASA guides our clients in best-practice logo and branding design. It is vital to remember that the design of your logo acts as the “face” of your organisation and as such your market needs to identify with it.

The fonts that are selected for your logo need to represent the market you are operating in. Importantly, they also need to follow design trends to remain relevant. Strong bold fonts can be used for logo designs of construction companies such as Build It, while soft subtle fonts can be used for baby products such as Pampers. The font that is used in the logo of a business represents the character or brand essence of the organisation.

Designing a logo which is scalable is imperative as you need to be aware that your logo will be used by other publications for various purposes. If the logo is too big, then it will have an unkempt appearance, holding little aesthetic appeal. If it too small, then it will appear to be pressed, making it difficult to identify.

It is crucial that one gets logo design just right the first time around. If you realise the value of creating the right first impression for your brand, send us an email at info@atkasa.com or call us on 011 024 3847.