the-ultimate-pitch-black-whiteDoing a pitch of any kind can be very hard. From the preparation to the execution, the presentation must be nothing short of perfect (no pressure). When pitching a marketing pitch, one has to keep in mind that the client already has a list of other potential marketers all you need to answer is the “why you?” question and you can only do that with a mind-blowing pitch.

As a person who pitches to potential clients all the time our MD at ATKASA, Leon Marinus, said “salespeople often oversell and under listen” he added that marketers need to understand that pitching is about listening not talking. Knowing what the client wants and tailoring your product and service according to their needs is very important.

The following are things to remember when assembling your pitch:

  • Achievement forecast

Opening new doors for the client through marketing and targeting a new demographic or a distribution channel which might also lead to a new product or service launch. Highlight how your input can lead to their future growth.

  • The current and Future economic climate

Elaborating on the economic climate gives the client an idea of whether it is possible to achieve growth in the upcoming years when using your marketing strategies. Mention how the competitors are doing and what direction they are also heading this will show the client that you have done your research which can be quite impressive.

  • Be specific

Elaborate on your services and how you will utilize them in helping the client. Show them previous work and your outcomes/achievements. Some will call it arrogance, we call it confidence, put yourself out there. If it’s good work the potential client might want the same or better even.

  • Make it visually pleasing

Chances are you will be using PowerPoint[i], make it creative by using out-of-the-box font, images, video. This will give the client an element of surprise which is a good thing. Do not be shy to show your creative side in a professional manner.

  • Manage Expectations

Do not over promise, be realistic. Close the presentation on an enthusiastic note highlighting the prospects of the future. Explain how this collaboration will be of mutual benefit.

Hopefully, these tips will help you seal that deal, and if it doesn’t always tweak and change your pitch to suit the time and client. For informative articles like this one and more please visit our website or contact us on 011 024 3847[ii]