Content marketing is a vast tool for marketing. From the role it plays in SEO to brand awareness, marketers need to position their content thoughtfully without being predictable or tedious. As technology advances, we are seeing video marketing come to the forefront as consumer behavior changes. This automatically gives marketers more tools to experiment with.

Video marketing is a term that was coined by Facebook which refers to content that is relayed through video. According to WordStream, an online advertising agency, sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded videos online.

What does this tell you as a business owner?

It means with consumers constantly on the internet, there is a shift in their preference: consumers are engaging more with video content as opposed to written content. Without a doubt, businesses need to establish a social media presence but it might be hard to plan and execute so much content throughout all social media accounts. Therefore, content recycling might be the answer.


You have created video content, now what? Here are ways you can repurpose video content for other platforms:

  • You will most likely want to have a YouTube account because it has over a billion users! Mentioning your website or social media platforms on the video or the description box is a good way to increase your conversion rate. This will benefit your business and increase your chances of reaching a global audience.
  • Link it to your website landing page to promote it for a certain amount of time. Whoever visits your website, whether potential clients or existing ones might watch and share it.
  • Break down the message in the video into little social media posts and put the video link on the posts, you can also post the snippet of the video. According to Twitter, 82% of their users watch video content.
  • Include the link of the video on your newsletter, some newsletter softwares generate the thumbnail for you so it is not just a link.

Content does not have to be confined into text, even video content can be vast, from gifs to live streaming or 24-hour stories. Opt for whatever suits your business best.

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