Take down those party pics or adjust your privacy settings

Think about the image you portray online; would you hire you if you did a quick social media search.

Do some in-depth research out there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – clean those platforms up.

Google yourself and see what can be removed, you cannot remove information on sites like Wikipedia but you can add to it.

Make sure potentially embarrassing photos and posts are not accessible online.

Take the time to update

Just signing up for social media platforms online and leaving them vacant creates an impression that you are either lazy or ill-informed on how to utilize online tools.

Take the time (more than 30 minutes) to update all your relevant online platforms that employers might have access to.

Update your skillset, photos and employment history where relevant or add some users to your professional circle.

Many employers do actually check your activity pulse on sites like LinkedIn to measure how eager you are to find a job.

Train yourself on social media etiquette

Social, political or religious inappropriate statements online can cost you that sought after job. What you say online is a reflection of the kind of employee and coworker you might be.

In addition, you might impress employers or recruiters if you start a topic relevant blog to encourage intelligent and informative topic related conversations.

Network in an unconventional way

Have you ever thought about the fact that large numbers of people see your email signature daily? Instead of adding a quote encouraging people to see the silver lining rather add your skills, accolades or work motto and let it work for you every time you send out an email.

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