Tips and Tricks for iOS 7

It was a long wait, but finally iOS 7 arrived! Users have reported it as a strange new land that they eventually got used to.
Favourite apps appear completely different and if you are not extremely tech savvy, you might not know that iOS 7 has many little tricks tucked away in no obvious way.
Let’s take a look at a few you might know and a few that might be new to you.
1.To search, swipe down
Spotlight search can now be accessed from anywhere on the homescreen. All you need to do is swipe down in the middle of the screen. Spotlight can be used to do a quick search across your iphone’s apps, emails and contacts. Funny enough, it seems that Apple removed Spotlight’s ability to search the web. Many users didn’t even know Spotlight could be used for that, so it’s probably not a big miss.
2.Message timestamps
The iphone has always been strange when it comes to seeing when a message was sent or received. Some messages have a timestamp, but it will most likely only show it for the first message in a conversation. iOS 7 allows you to reveal the timestamp for each and every message. All you need to do is hold one of the speech bubbles in the tread and swipe to the left. Now you will always be able to put a time with every message.
3.Blocking calls, sms’s or Facetime
Every iphone user must have said to themselves atleast once that there has to be a way to block phone numbers. In fact, if you type “how to b” into Google’s search bar, the first autocomplete result is “how to block a number” and the second “how to block a number on iphone”. And it is only now that there is an easy way. You can find the setting for this at Settings – Phone – Blocked; Settings – Messages – Blocked and Settings – Facetime – Blocked. Note that the block list is universal so if you block a person in your phone settings, they will be blocked on Facetime too.
4.A few short tricks
•Airdrop, the system that allows wireless transfer to nearby iPhones, only works with iPhone 5 and later
•Folders can be paged which allows them to hold a huge number of apps
•The “List” view in the calendar is still there – tap the search icon to bring up a list you can scroll.
Well, there you have it. iOS 7 brings change, but good change. Now go play on your iPhone!
Written by: Marleen Theunissen