Tips for CEO’s using social media

Recent studies in the field of public relations have shown that CEO’s and individuals holding key positions being active on business affiliated (as well as personal) social networks greatly improves information transmission both internally and publicly, and also creates a more open relationship between the business and its potential customer base.
It may not always be possible for a CEO to be constantly active on social networks to the extent that customers and followers might like –many people believe that the person holding the highest position should be the primary information source for any company –since the pressures of these high positions often overshadow the need for hourly or daily updates.
However, any CEO who has familiarized themselves with social media will understand that it is not necessarily time consuming to post one or two updates or messages a day, even during a lunch or coffee break.
Creating a system where your company’s CEO has access to social networks, both personal and business-affiliated, will allow them to post whenever they want while your social development team works on the social networks for the rest of the time.
Successfully social CEO’s understand that posting one or two updates to Twitter or Facebook does not satisfy the extent of social media and online exposure. Having an extensive range of social network access as well as long-form blog updates and a central access website (as this is still arguably the first port of call to any business) will help promote social growth, exposure and accessibility.
Another recent trend on social networks that has expanded brand reach and interaction between brands and their customers is the ‘social takeover’, in which one member of staff or an associated company would take over a Twitter, Instagram or Vine account, showing fans how things happen behind the scenes, or provide an entertaining look at what happens in a regular day. Having a CEO do this will allow fans to see at least some of the effort that goes into making the company run smoothly.
Written by:  Wesley Geyer
Creative writer for ATKA SA