Social media marketing – done right can ensure major ROI, but when the bloopers do occur, it can cause major damage.

We had a laugh at some of these epics fails of 2016 and cringed thinking about the repercussions.

If these real-life examples do not convince you to hire a professional, nothing will:


Umm wrong person


“You’re right — we didn’t know Oprah had tattoos either. We’re still not sure she does.

That’s because you’re looking at Whoopi Goldberg. What’s up, Total Beauty, nobody on your staff ever watch Sister Act? Did The Colour Purple or Ghost slip under your radar?” –


Big, BIG boo-boo



A Department of Justice staffer lost access to the agency’s Twitter account after tweeting “CNN is the biggest troll of them all lmao #Petty” from the department feed. The tweet linked to a CNN story about Melania Trump allegedly plagiarizing passages in her speech at the Republican National Convention from Michelle Obama.

“A staffer in the public affairs office erroneously used the official Department of Justice Twitter handle to post a tweet that was intended for a personal account,” the DOJ said in a statement.  Oops!

Ask now questions, hear no nonsense


A retail giant’s attempt at connecting with its consumers and sourcing feedback was met with ridicule across social media with a flood of tongue-in-cheek responses on Twitter.

One example:



Too soon


When it comes to the attacks of 9/11, it will always be too soon — too soon to make a joke, mock the day’s significance or exploit it with crass commercialization.

In Texas, though, one retailer somehow managed to joke, mock and exploit that day all in a 19-second video.

The video shows store manager Cherise Bonanno standing in front of two piles of stacked twin beds. She says, “What better way to remember 9/11 than with a Twin Towers sale?” Then, two men fall into the beds, causing them to tumble, while Bonanno mock yells in terror before uttering, “We’ll never forget.”


Suasage Saga


A butcher selling purple sausages in honour of Prince was criticised by animal rights campaigners because the pop star was a vegan.

Paul Kenyon, created the novelty bangers in tribute to the music legend after his death at the age of 57.

The colourful meat was given pride of place in the window of his Palace Premier Meats store in Paignton, Devon, and decorated with a purple feather next to the musician’s Purple Rain CD.

But after an online backlash from angry vegans, the world’s leading animal rights group urged Mr Kenyon to ‘make amends’.

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