There’s no denying that there have been significant advancements in how we create and view content. Brands have been leveraging content as a marketing mechanism for quite some time, and because of these new developments; the ability to come up with outstanding content remains a daily challenge for most businesses.

The volume of published content continues to increase, making the internet filled with information overload.

How then do marketers get their messages heard through the storm?

Below are three trends we believe every marketer should apply when it comes to content marketing in order to have their brands stand out:


Authentic Storytelling:

Brands that thrive in content marketing are the ones that provide original and exclusive content. People are looking for real insights and fresh content, they are looking for the brand’s distinctive voice so content should be more transparent.

Storytelling involves creating a narration, staging a brand and then advancing the story. Quality content that narrates the brand’s story clearly, is what should be created.

Thereby content should do more than just promote a product, it should provide quality information that will fulfill the customer’s needs.


Mobile Ready Content:

The Statistics Portal, projected that the number of smartphone users worldwide by 2020 will total 2.87 billion Рwhich will be a major increase when compared to the users in 2014 that were standing at 1.57 billion users.

More apps are becoming mobile friendly and people are now turning to smartphones to perform tasks that were previously limited to desktops, such as online shopping and booking hotels etc. It is now a virtual necessity to have a site that is also optimized for mobile.

Nearly 80% of people access most social media channels through their phones. Forbes wrote, “The demand for mobile-ready content has never been more unrelenting. Likewise, social media channels will continue to incorporate new technologies such as providing users augmented reality (AR) experiences, and social video content will likely be more mobile-friendly.”


The use of live videos.

Video is believed to be the most powerful content marketing tool available right now. With compelling visuals and rich sounds, brands can communicate their stories more clearly.

According to 2015 video marketing trends infographic published by Syndacast, the mere mention of the word ‘video’ in an email subject line can boost open rates by 19% and click through rates 65%. On Facebook, users spend 3 times more time watching live videos than traditional ones.

Videos have the power to create a more intimate and two-way channel of communication with audiences, for example broadcasting a live video on Facebook or Instagram.

Live videos can help marketers to inject an authentic human element into their marketing that is often missed in pre-recorded videos.

For example, live videos give audiences the opportunity to interact lively. While audiences are viewing your video they can at the same time ask questions and receive answers instantly. Marketers can use live videos to host Q&A sessions, expert interviews, give product demonstration and answer customer enquiries.

However, the basic principles of content marketing will forever remain. Content should be targeted, compelling and written for each persona at every level of the purchasing stage. But we should also keep in mind that content marketing is evolving. The only way to remain effective with your content marketing efforts is by embracing the changes and keeping up to date with the latest trends.