Twitter is one of the biggest social networks in the world; it was initially created in March 2006 and shared with the public in July the same year. One may argue that it has totally changed the interaction landscape between brands and their audience.

For brands, it should be about more than just creating an account and posting whenever you feel like it. It should be about positioning your account such that it gains ACTIVE followers not bots, after all, no one wants to work hard on content only for it to fall on deaf ears. With the app being mostly dominated by a younger demographic, your brand has to be relatable and relevant.

Pay attention to small things like your bio, it should never be vague. Make people understand what you are and what you do in a short yet detailed bio. Put the company logo as your profile picture; do not confuse the public by using the MD’s picture.

Here are more tips to make sure your account gets recognition:

  • Planning Ahead

Although Twitter is very spontaneous and there is always ongoing conversations and trends, it helps to plan your content ahead of time. Scan trends to your business; this will help you post relevant content.

  • Use Hashtags

It might seem like outdated advice; according to Twitter they serve more than two billion search queries per day.  This is in a form of whole questions, keywords, and hashtags.

  • Encourage Conversation

Asking open-ended questions sparks up engagement. Twitter also has a function for polls, find ways to engage your audience without being predictable.

  • Use All The Functions

It genuinely has a lot to offer. There is periscope (live video), you can post videos that are 2:20 minutes long which is approximately 512 MBs. Gifs and visually pleasing graphics are very important to grab the audience.

  • Promote Your Tweet

It will only be a matter of living until you get the right followers and you will probably never spend any money on tweets because you have established a following and a Twitter identity.

The good thing about social networks, in general, is how they give your business insights on how the account has been performing; this gives you an idea of strengths and weaknesses. Linking your website on your Twitter will help generate traffic on your site. Invest in a social media manager that will monitor your account without interruption.

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