Twitter’s Poll function is a brilliant new way for businesses to engage with their followers. Anyone can now get the public’s opinion on virtually anything, from what products they like most to who will win the elections. In the past, Twitter had means for people to participate in polls. For example, you’d tweet a question and then Twitter would tally the # votes or how many favourites the tweet received. However, it is so much easier now. How to create a Twitter poll Simply create a two-option poll from the compose box and wait for the answers to come in. If ATKA SA were to ask, for example: Which social media platform do you use the most?

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook

We’d be able to establish which social media platform will help our clients get the most exposure. Once created, it will remain live for 24 hours. Your followers will have total privacy as their votes are not shared publicly. Here follows step-by-step instructions: Step 1: Click on Tweet   1111.jpg   Step 2: Click on Poll   2222.jpg   Step 3: Type the question you’d like to ask.   3333.jpg     Step 4: Insert the two options and then click Tweet   4444.jpg       Benefits of Twitter Polls Opens a door to engage with your followers Asking the right questions can spark a whole conversation between followers. People share their opinions and comment on it. People may start talking about it on twitter then at home or at school or wherever. Be careful not to ask too controversial questions lest you want a raging debate on your hands. A quick market research tool Say, you ask people to choose between two flavours of chocolate or lemon vs traditional dishwashing liquid, this can actually spur people to buy one of the two, try it and give their opinion. This will in turn increase brand awareness and sales. Customers will feel valued Everyone feels chuffed when asked for advice or their opinion. If you are struggling to choose between two things, anything from products to your office’s new wall colour, ask the public. Your followers will feel you value their opinion hence engender trust. Generate new ideas Businesses often get stuck on decisions. Just ask and you’d be surprised what your followers come up with. This is a great way to generate new ideas or find solutions to your problems.

  1. #Social Plus or B) #Social Premium

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