Use Mobile Marketing in South Africa to engage and interest customers. There are many Social Media Marketing ideas that you could use to grow your South African based business this year. Do you know what they are, and how they could work for you? What about planning to grow your business with mobile marketing in South Africa? Have you even thought of it ? Read on to discover MORE… Throughout the world, as well as in South Africa, the ownership of internet capable mobile phones continues to grow. Rapidly, with no end in sight. The market is kept alive and growing with the frequent release of the newest and most exciting, technology laden, ‘must have’ phones. They are viewed as a necessity for modern life, as people want access to information and services, when and where they want, in the format of their choice, whilst they are on the move. These phones offer so much more than the ability to ‘just’ make a phone call. And you can tap into this fast growing market with its  powerful technology, and use mobile marketing to engage and  interest your customers like never before! As with anything, there are important benefits and advantages – but you must do it ‘right’ to reap those benefits. If you want to use a mobile marketing campaign to interest and engage your potential and existing customers then bear these key points in mind whilst creating your mobile marketing strategies. Focus your strategy to educate your prospects – not sell to them. People want to discover your solutions to their current problems. You can entertain your prospects – not market to them. Create an entertaining way of showcasing your products and business and people are more likely to think of you when they are ready to actually select and purchase the right solution for them. Your really great free and relevant content can be viewed and shared through these phones. So you keep your prospects and customers interested in you, using a medium they really love. And of course mobile phones are perfect to engage and interact with people through conversations, including text messaging. How often do you delete emails without even reading them? And what about text messages – how often do you delete text messages without reading them first? With SMS marketing you can be much more effective in attracting the attention of your prospects and customers through text messages rather than emails. The phones are perfect for presenting your information and conversations in many different formats, even video. Your prospects choose how they want to interact and be educated and entertained. These features are also perfect for creating highly effective follow-up systems to keep the engagement and interest going. Are you thinking about it now? It’s an essential tool for small business marketing and survival. Think it sounds hard? Think its not for you? Why not find out more – see how easy we make it for you? Visit and sign up for our free information pack. This includes a free session on effective mobile marketing strategies with an overview of our powerful mobile marketing services. Get Started Now!