Use Social Media South Africa to collaborate with your prospects Social Media South Africa continues to grow, more people are getting connected and building their networks of colleagues, friends,family members. They are also connecting with products and businesses and brands. You can grasp this great opportunity tocollaborate with your prospects, to help promote and develop your local business in South Africa too. Don’t miss out…read on to discover more.. So now people have their growing social networks, they use them to find “social proof”. So what does that mean exactly? They are using their social media networks to help them decide what to do, and who to purchase from. They look to social media to check out businesses, products, brands. To find the good and the bad. To find what people like and dislike. Places like Facebook and Twitter – where they can see what their friends and their friends arelooking at, doing, ‘liking’. Status updates in both these social networking sites are indexed by the search engines such as Google,meaning that whatever is said and done, can be found in a search. Don’t forget Youtube, which is overtaking Google for the number of searches made – people love videos, and also like to subscribe and interact with YouTube channels. Facebook pages also provide a brilliant opportunity to provide unique content to those people who ‘like’ your page, you can target content and offers depending upon whether someone is a subscriber or not – the opportunities here are endless. This all adds up to higher levels of participation and creating that very important social proof. So you need to make sure you are creating and managing great ‘social proof’ as part of your social media marketing efforts, and that your efforts are well directed by your great social media strategy. And to do that, you have to involve your customers in all stages of the business. Your prospects will turn into customers and buy from you when they feel that they “know, like and trust” you and your products and services. And this only happens through collaboration and partnership with your prospects. You offer your free content, specials and rewards in exchange for their participation, their thoughts, their recommendations. You can structure how you ask for recommendations, and perhaps you can ask on the spot questions, surveys, competitions, suggestions. That being said – you can’t stage manage everything and you must expect poor feedback and response if you offer poor products and unsatisfactory customer experiences. The levels of participation you receive are valuable, and it is not a ‘one way street’ with you feeling like you are giving everything away for nothing! Done and managed well, it will help you decide the direction you can take with your business and help you to discover opportunities that you would never have known about had it not for encouraging the levels of collaboration and participation in your business, through social media. Collaborate with social media South Africa – its essential for your business marketing success and survival. Think it sounds hard? Think its not for you? Don’t Know Where To Start Why not find out more – see how easy we make it for you? Visit and sign up for our free information pack including a free social media marketing strategy session. Get Started Now!