Concepts such as Share a Coke, Spree’s #SpreeGallery and the RocoMamas #eatingisbelieving billboard project are brilliant campaigns which helped convert potential leads into clients for these brands. However, more importantly, they also helped spark their customers’ creativity, involving them in their marketing process, making them feel cherished, holding them to high esteem as important to the development of the brand

Share a Coke

User Generated Content (UGC) involves the generation of content such as images, posts, texts and videos that have been posted by a brand’s customers either via social media platforms or website pages. Brands invite their clients to create content for them, with the reward of their posts possibly going viral. As a digital agency, we have noticed this growing trend, with more brands attempting to enjoy its effective benefits. We contend that UGC assists in developing the brand, which is supported by a Sprinklr report that suggests, customers are 50% more likely to trust a product or service if they observe a positive endorsement by that of their peers.

In order to have a better understanding of this concept which has resulted in a brand’s growth, we explore five tips that organisations can follow to ensure that their UGC works optimally for them:

It is imperative to conduct in-depth research before the commencement of any online campaign. Exploring trends that exist in your market, and also what your customers are sharing about your product, gives you a concrete foundation to build your project on. This will also benefit your brand as it allows you to keep up with your clients and what they publicly admire about your brand.

If you want to launch a competition which invites entries to post on social media or to your website, keeping the submission rules simple is an important aspect to consider. One must remember that if your entry rules are too complicated or time-consuming, this might discourage customer entry. Remember: customers have to be convinced to enter the competition, meaning the submission steps should be as simple as possible.

Creating hype around the concept involves building anticipation around it, and this can be done by promoting the commencement of the campaign, including a countdown or generating a hash tag to create anticipation around the launch of the project. Additionally, this allows your customers time to start planning their content, building up their excitement.

Similar to what Vanish did in 2013 with their Vanish Tip Exchange where they invited their clients to share their stain removal tips, customers were further asked to include Vanish products in the images or videos sent. By doing this, they reflected their brand’s lifestyle by asking individuals to share content which was a direct reflection of the lifestyle the product promotes. In this way, leads are convinced about the effectiveness of the brand as it is promoted by other consumers, making it more realistic and believable.

Finally, the use of influencers is an additional benefit that could further advance your campaign. Approach popular individuals in your market and request that they contribute to your project. They can do this by raising awareness of your brand and communicating this to their followers, which results in more participants for your campaign and subsequent increased brand awareness.

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