There is a vast amount of options available to businesses when it comes to marketing tools, one that is making a rise is influencer marketing. Looking back at older advertising campaigns, you will realise that this is not a new thing but with the technology evolving it has become what it is today!

This is actually a formal type of marketing whereby a company uses an influential person to advertise or promote a product, service or campaign. We see this form of marketing on Instagram a lot, usually to infiltrate into a new market or to gain brand awareness.  This can range from an Instagram post of the influencer utilising the services/products of the company, to a blog or think piece being written about the brand’s services or product.

Influencer marketing is beneficial for your business because it is a great tool for marketing, especially if you own a small business. Also, sharing content with an influencer will compensate as you won’t have to post as often.

Consumers have already built a relationship with the influencer by following them on social media, the influence will then be natural and sometimes might go unnoticed.  Instagram introduced a feature of transparency between influencers and brands, there is usually “paid partnership” on top of the post. This breeds trust between the public and the influencer, it is the first step into rectifying misconceptions about influencer marketing.


When using influencers in a campaign consider the following:


  • Identify ‘why’ you need to use this marketing tool. Are sales low? Are you looking for brand exposure? Have you launched a new product and want to raise awareness around it? Asking these probing questions is necessary for the second step.
  • Identify the suitable influencer that is in line with your brand. Also, consider the number of organic followers they have, you can use tools such as io to check the number of organic followers.
  • Make sure that the message of the campaign is clear and that words are not lost in translation; be creative with the content that is put out there. Tease the audience with sneak peeks or behind the scenes, Instagram stories or IGTV is a good platform for this.
  • Set a time frame for all the activities of the campaign, this should be accompanied by the objectives that you want to be reached at the time.


Think of it more as collaboration than you hiring them.
Let it be beneficial for both parties.
Promote them as much as they are promoting you.
If the above is done right, there could literally be little to no problems and the results could be just what you want!

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