yvf In a world where reading has become more of a chore than a habit, video has figuratively killed the written post. A study by MDG Advertising suggests that content featuring compelling visuals averages 94 per cent more total views than those without. With the benefits of video content far exceeding that of static images, it is no surprize that companies of all sizes have turned to video marketing for effective exposure. A properly-produced video could take your brand to new heights. After all the lights, cameras and editing however, another decision needs to be taken; what platform to publish your video on. The two most popular platforms South Africans use to distribute video content are Youtube and Facebook. Which is best for marketing? Sadly, only one platform prevails; Youtube. While Facebook delivers beyond three billion videos per day globally, its video feature is a far cry from being an effective marketing tool. This doesn’t mean that the social media giant’s video feature is redundant, but rather that it shouldn’t be considered the primary option for video distribution. Here is a list of comparisons to help you decide for yourself. Discoverability Youtube’s primary game is video content and their entire infrastructure is built around it. Thus, if you are looking for a video on a certain topic, you are likely to find it after a quick search. With Facebook, however, the case is vastly different. On this platform, videos often reach viewers through algorithm formulas that determine its relevance to such viewers. Comparatively speaking, distributing your video on Facebook is like fishing without bait in a pond full of fish. Statistics To gauge the effectiveness of your video content, you’ll need access to in-depth statistics. Facebook’s “Views” feature will just not cut it. If you upload a video to Youtube, you have access to statistics such as the total views and interactions and demographics such as location, gender and age of your video audience. Monetization Another nifty feature Youtube offer its users is the option of monetizing video content. Simply put, you can opt in to have adverts displayed on your video. You then get financial rewards for the number of unique views your video accumulates. On Facebook, the only way to really get proper exposure is to either pay for it or to hold thumbs for your video to go viral. Playability When it comes to internet connection speed, South Africa is far behind. For this reason, many internet users would experience problems with viewing videos on Facebook; whether accessing it on a smart phone, tablet or PC. The problem comes in with the lack of flexibility Facebook offer its users. On Youtube, users can select the quality at which they would like to watch the video. This means that, should they have a slow connection, they can still watch the video at a lower quality. On Facebook, they would have to wait until the buffering process had been completed. For the most effective marketing of your video content, it is suggested that both these platforms are used to maximise its exposure but, from a marketing point of view, Youtube remains king. For this and many more marketing tips and tricks contact Online Marketing Expert, Leon Marinus. ATKA SA is a leader in the field of online marketing, which includes video content creation and marketing. For more information on these services contact ATKA SA on 011 024 3847 or info@atkatemp.co.za