What makes ATKA SA one of South Africa’s leading Cross Channel Marketers?

Cross channel marketing is a relatively young industry, especially in South Africa. While the rest of the world has been focusing on the newly developed use of social media as a tool for marketing to targeted audiences, some companies and individuals have recognized the place social media has in the bigger picture.
Cross channel marketing makes use of a variety of media channels, not only to target audiences that are more likely to use each one, giving the same information to every channel, but by understanding the abilities of each of the different channels, is able to cater to audiences by integrating all the channels to paint a complete picture.
ATKA SA is not only one of the most successful Cross-Channel marketing company in South Africa, but is in fact one of the pioneering agencies of the field in South Africa. 
As a relatively young company, ATKA SA has lived up to its hype as a pioneer, being recognized through various awards, both as a business, and through the awards and recognition given to the company both being nominated and awarded to various degrees for the ‘Business of the Year’, ‘Small Business of the Year’ awards consistently for the last three years, as well as managing Director Leon Marinus winning the silver 2012 ROCCI & FNB ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award, and Gold winner of the 2011 ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award.
With a small, dedicated team of professionals who understand the market at the helm, ATKA has been able to provide some of the most extraordinary results on behalf of its clients, providing unrivaled personal service and high levels of marketing exposure at low cost.
While ATKA SA is still young, the potential shown by the company going forward in unrivaled, especially with the knowledge base that have allowed the company to prove its astounding success so far.
Written By  Wesley Geyer
Creative writer at ATKA SA