Many people have heard of Google and use it every day, but less few know who Larry Page is. For starters, he is the co-founder of Google and he is right now the CEO of the aforementioned company. He is listed as number 19 in the Forbes billionaires list and he has an estimated wealth of around 32.3 billion USD. Larry Page is the first person who has invented the PageRank, which many consider being the main foundation of the Google search ranking algorithm, so in a strange way we might consider him as being the father of SEO, or at least the person who created the need for SEO to appear. He has a very large interest to see how things work and be the first to invent things even from an early age, when he actually took things apart just to see how they function. Alongside that, Larry Page was one of the first kids that managed to bring his homework in a word processor. His interest in math and science was pursued in university as well,  soon after that he got the idea to create an environment in which people would be able to get the information faster, and that is how Google was born. Since then, we can find Larry Page in almost everything related to computer science and technology, especially since Google has managed to become one of the major things when it comes to search engines. Larry Page has influenced the education world unlike any other person until now because he provided kids with the ability to browse the web and gain the information that they need at any given time, without restrictions. Through Google, he basically revolutionized the way the world has evolved in the last two decades and he still continues to be one of the most important figures in the computer business because he strives to bring the best innovations and move one step forward. Larry Page also sees a bright future for the world, one where technology is set to evolve in a very rapid pace. In fact, Google actually works on a wide range of projects that go well beyond the software world. From gadgets such as Google Glass to things such as the driver free car or other interesting technologies, Larry Page and his team at Google always want to push things one step forward in order to get the best possible results. Thanks to its innovations and successful career, Larry Page can be considered one of the most successful and, dare we say, influential people in the 21st century. What we do know for sure is that Google will continue to push technology beyond its limits and, Larry Page, it will change the future! Online marketers, SEO experts South Africa and all other people that use the internet will certainly see even more changes in the Google algorithms as the company and its ranking evolves in unprecedented ways!