mark-940x255 As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are undoubtedly very active on Facebook; sometimes even more than larger companies of similar structure. If you have employed Facebook marketing as your primary or only marketing channel for some time, you have also probably noticed that the Return on Investment (ROI) – if any – doesn’t warrant the time spent. In most cases, you might feel that Facebook – complete with its new “Algo-what-what’s” – is a redundant waste of time. How does it make sense; larger companies garner new clients from Facebook daily, while you have to beg Facebook users to like your post and hopefully click through to your Facebook Page. Let’s not circumvent ourselves; if your Facebook usage is for marketing purposes, you cannot do it yourself. The key to larger companies’ social media success is that – even if the CEO is a social media guru – they outsource their social media function to experts in the field, such as ATKA SA. They understand the complexity of the function and are well aware of how much time Social Media platforms demand. With that said, here are 5 reasons doing your own Facebook Marketing is probably a bad idea. You think Facebook is free When it comes to marketing, Facebook is anything but free. If you want to take Facebook Marketing seriously, you should work with a budget. Pay for Facebook ads, employ a Cross Channel Marketing Specialist, boost your posts; these are elements you should be utilising. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as chucking money at the blue social media giant; there is a level of expertise required. If you plan on using Facebook as a free marketing tool, expertise is undebatable (see the next point). You don’t understand its algorithm Probably the biggest misconception that still exists among Facebook users in South Africa today is that everything you post is seen by each of your friends or those who have liked your Facebook Page. To achieve maximum exposure on Facebook, you need to understand its algorithms. Interaction is the name of the game here. If you cannot distinguish between engaging and senseless posts, it’s best to leave this function to the experts. You don’t know how to reach your target audience Even if you understand paid advertising on Facebook and its latest algorithms, how do you plan on reaching your target audience? Each age group has something they relate to. Posting general content without consideration of who you are trying to reach will generate minimal interest; if any. You simply do not have the time At ATKA SA, for instance, it takes an entire division to maintain clients’ social media profiles. That is their main function. How can one person run a company, manage staff and still build engagement on their social media profiles? It might not be impossible, but it definitely is highly unlikely. Proper social media management takes a lot of time. If you are running your business properly, you won’t have the time to invest in proper Facebook Marketing. You don’t portray a professional appearance Let’s face it; we’re not all English professors. When it comes to someone else, however, we are quick to criticize. All it takes is for one negligent spelling error or poor grammar use to scare off potential clients. Why? It’s simple. Companies should be professional at all times. If your posts look elementary, chances are you won’t be seen as a professional or leading company. In most cases, you will be subjected to public ridicule. At social media marketing companies, you can expect language practitioners to sift through and edit the content before it gets published. There is a reason why companies such as ATKA SA exist; sensible business owners have realized that they cannot do things alone. To save your business from social media disaster, give internationally-acclaimed Cross Channel Marketing Specialist and Director of ATKA SA, Leon Marinus a call.