Why Email Marketing is Still Relevant in 2022

The digital age has brought businesses so many innovative, affordable, and effective ways to market themselves that the once heavily lauded approach of mobile and email marketing is sometimes called into question.

Why Email Marketing is Still Relevant in 2022

The digital age has brought businesses so many innovative, affordable, and effective ways to market themselves that the once heavily lauded approach of mobile and email marketing is sometimes called into question.

Is it really as effective as it used to be? People’s daily emails are often inundated, it is true, but email marketing is still something that forms not only a beneficial part of marketing campaigns, but a critical one as well.

There are numerous reasons why emails and SMSs are some of the best ways to reach your target audience. Don’t take our word for it though, see the benefits for yourself.

Mobile & Email Marketing Boosts Sales

Mobile and email marketing still offers one of the best ways to directly boost your sales. One of the major reasons behind this is that it casts a wide net, reaching a much higher volume of your target audience.

On top of this, you are able to target people tightly through a carefully collected list of contacts based on their interests, previous interactions with your brand, job titles, places of employment, and a range of other factors… if you do things smartly.

This direct contact across a massive audience means that you will likely win out purely from a ‘numbers-game’ perspective, provided you take the time to target people correctly and only send messages out to audiences that are likely to show an interest.

You do, of course, need to have a good understanding of who your target audience is, what they desire, and what their pain points are, for this to truly succeed.

Most People Use Emails Daily

Can you remember the last time you made it through a work day without opening your emails? Neither can we. They have become a critical part of just about everyone’s work day, facilitating communication within and outside of their organisations.

An estimated 99% of working people, particularly those in SMEs, spend most of their day with their emails open to ensure they don’t miss a beat, which means that they are receptive to any messages you send to them via email.

Of course this should be handled with care lest you have your message get in the way of their schedule, which might leave a bad taste in their mouth.

But if you demonstrate the value that your email might give them (with a strong headline for example), there will be plenty of recipients who would gladly open your email and browse over its contents.

Some of the Best Value for Money

While digital marketing as a whole has made mass marketing more accessible to smaller businesses, mobile and email marketing is still one of the most economic approaches you can take.

It is one of those marketing approaches that works off the economies of scale, which means that the more people you aim to reach, the less you will be paying per lead, as all good bulk offers should be.

What this translates into is a better return on your advertising investment, often much better than you would get from other digital channels.

Keep Control of Your Contacts List

When you advertise on platforms like Google Ads or on social media, you can target your audience members, but are given few opportunities for ownership over your own contacts list.

If you had to (hypothetically) lose access to any of your ad accounts, what would happen to your contacts? They are, afterall, owned by those platforms, and this kind of data is an extremely valuable commodity in the digital age.

This is a conundrum not shared by email marketing, since you have ownership and control over your contacts list.

Marketers garner contacts for mailer lists through plenty of sources such as incoming leads, website forms, referrals, client lists, and more, and these can be used to send messages out to people with a higher interest and investment in your offers; and you are in complete control of these.

So Why Use Other Forms of Digital Marketing?

With all of this in mind, you might be asking yourself why people bother using other forms of digital marketing like Google Ads and Facebook? Surely, if email marketing is still so relevant, it is all you need.

While there is truth to the power of email marketing, things can get quite competitive out there, so much so that monotonous campaigns simply don’t cut it anymore. Besides, other platforms offer certain benefits that even email marketing, in all its glory, is blind to.

One of the most competitive approaches to marketing includes the use of multiple channels at once, allowing each one to leverage off the success of others, or having each segment work towards its own specific objective.

Multichannel marketing looks at your marketing campaigns holistically, allowing your social media, website, Google ads, mobile, and email marketing to all work together. For instance, while emails might be great for boosting website traffic, sales, and leads, social media is far better for creating brand awareness.

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