Why hiring a marketing agency is the right move Over the past few years, a new niche has grown within the marketing world, which caters to a wider audience than any field that came before it. The use of new media and social media in particular, has increased tenfold over the last ten years, and as a result, has placed new emphasis on social media marketing strategies and concepts.

However, having an entirely new form of marketing means that companies have to either hire or train brand new staff at their own expense in order to keep up the pace, or outsource the marketing of their company to specialists.
The following is a short list of reasons why it is more beneficial for companies to leave these aspects of their campaigns to professionals.
1.Outsourcing is cheaper
If you decide to hire in-house staff to run your social media marketing and new media campaigns, you will not only be faced with the monumental task of training them, but you will have to pay extra salaries, taxes, insurance plans, etc. Outsourcing your new media marketing allows you to ensure the best possible service, while paying a single fee to get everything done.
2.Professionalism and quality of service
Sometimes, paying a little bit extra for a product or service will work out more beneficial for you in the long run. Hiring an agency or experienced individuals to run your social media networks means that you have access to their vast knowledge and you know that your networks are being managed to their fullest extent.
3.High-speed social media networking
Along with the fact that you are having your networks managed by trained professionals, you will also be able to rest easy knowing that their sole purpose is to grow your networks, whatever they may be (as opposed to in-house purpose, which may range from customer relation to sales, etc.). Since they are in the business of networking and growing networks, you can expect to have your reach extended significantly if the company you have hired to run your accounts has a good grip on them.