Why SEO is a must when re-branding your business? SEO-friendly-ATKA SA Re-branding your business can bring you a lot of benefits, and some of the most important come from the fact that you have the opportunity to start over and gain more credibility from your customer base. However, re-branding can be a little tricky to perform, because sometimes even the current customers can be a little intrigued by the changes that you make, and that is why you have to ensure that everything is performed in such a way that you will keep the customer base, while also bringing them a much better experience through your new products. SEO is a very important thing that you need to perform when re-branding, because everything on the page needs to be modified in order to reflect the brand chance, from the slogan to logo and so on. When you update or re-brand your business in any form, you will have to ensure that the website is the first that receives the makeover. For most businesses, the site is the connection with the online world and their image in the online environment, and that is why you need to modify it first, before any other modification takes place. Of course, once you re-brand you will also have to create new businesses that update your customers about the change and which helps promote the newly updated brand in a much easier manner.Videos that explain the re-branding process, its causes and effects are very recommended, as this way you will be able to keep the connection with your customers, while also getting a major SEO benefit as well, since videos are very important if you want to perform proper search engine optimization. Additionally, these videos are informative as well, something that you will always enjoy. If you re-brand the company and provide it with a new corporate identity, another place you need to visit is definitely social media. The social media profiles can also be seen as a door to the outside world and one of the best ways to connect with your customers, that is why you will have to notify your users accordingly. Also, updating the profiles to signify the changes you made to the new brand is another thing you will have to do, so make sure that you perform this as fast as possible. Make sure to include the new branding messages and logos in most of the messages that you send, just to be certain that the audience gets accustomed to the change faster. Of course, alongside these changes, you will also have to update the brand information in the local listing services, because this way your company will be much easier to find and contact. If you want to get the best results from an SEO standpoint after re-branding, then the best thing you need to do is to update every social media account, website and videos that your company owns.This shows professionalism, respect to the client and it makes the bond between your company and its clients an even tighter one.