Why smart phones are pretty much all the same There are a plethora of smartphones on the market, and despite the large number of applications that they offer, these devices are basically all the same. They provide us with mostly the same type of functionality, the only thing that changes is the exterior packaging and some other time the interior, which does tend to differ from time to time, depending on the platform you choose. Online marketers can use the phone as one of the best ways to gain more exposure for their websites, and that is why any person that activates in this field of work needs to make the website responsive, as this latest technology is very useful in making the website a lot more suitable for the mobile audience. And since many people nowadays use the smartphones more than PC’s, having a responsive website is a must. Tailoring it to a certain platform is not necessary, because no matter what type of mobile platform you use, all social media managers and online marketers won’t have to appeal to it. The latest smartphones on the market that have a large audience even if they just appeared in the last few months are the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6. These smartphones have gained a lot of popularity because they provide access to a wide range of services that can be tailored specifically to the needs of any person, something that’s very helpful for the daily use. The iPhone 6 brings some very interesting modifications that make it a lot more suitable for people that are into fitness and physical activities, while the Galaxy S5 is much more suitable for persons that want to take pictures with their camera since it brings an astonishing 16MP camera as well as a lot of storage space. It’s also a good device for persons that want to edit images, thanks to the better hardware that it includes. The persons that activate in the online marketing field can also benefit from the latest smartphones mentioned above, because they bring some really neat features in the form of improved social media sharing, which is indeed a must if you want your site and products to be successful. Also, it’s much easier for you to convert audiences by creating forums and communities with the help of your smartphone, something that is indeed recommended. The newly launched smartphones are quite similar and they bring the users as well as online marketers a unique ability to share the information in a much easier manner, one that is easier to comprehend. The newly launched smartphones are targeted towards ease of use and providing their users with all the tools they need in order to get the job done. These devices can be seen as some great miniature computers that you can carry literally anywhere you need. Of course, they also provide a lot of value to lots of user categories, so they cater to social media managers, online marketers and normal users alike